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A unique group of experts in all business world patterns, who specializes in tailored solutions to complex business and litigation challenges.

Our mission

We ensure successful upgrade to your business.

Together, you can become 100% relevant for all present and future challenges. From customers to employees, partners and shareholders, the environment and society. This is how we make organizations future-proof. Together we identify and mark the specific challenges, by focusing on the real task at hand. We know how to put the important questions on the table, and we are not afraid face the threats.

We develop tailor maid strategies and then implement them in a targeted manner. In this we work together from different roles. As a dozer, as a catalyst and as an expert. We don’t just offer solutions or put it on paper, deliver it!

We are partners for today’s challenges and future opportunities.

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Our expertise

We are leading the best team.

Creative Intelligence

Creative out of the box solutions based on deep intelligence, high technology and special expertise.

Litigation Support

Finding creative solutions in order to gain leverage in complex litigations challenges, and by committing corporate investigations in order to expose conflicts, corruption or fraud.

Languages and Cultures

HBR Business Solutions employs the sharpest minds in the field of business consulting and corporate intelligence, whose integral part of their expertise is an intimate cultural understanding with various business regions.

Our Areas

Grow your business with our services

Marketing Research

Personal Development

Business Consulting

Why We?

What makes us different from others

Our people

HBR Business Solutions is the sum of diverse expertise - bringing multiple perspectives and deep experience to bear on our clients’ behalf. Our expertise reflects our backgrounds as strategy consultants, lawyers, technologists, investigators, cyber experts, law enforcement, intelligence officers and a host of other experts. It is this combination based in various offices worldwide that makes Control us relevant and distinctive.

Direct and Pro-Active Approach

We bring our experience and expertise to negotiant table, or back desk with the approach of getting actions done. We in HBR Business Solutions believes that pro-activeness is the right way to deal with today fast changing market.

Unique Analytical Skills

We offer some of the best experts of analytical business solutions, who are processing consistent measurement & forecasting of our clients business and their challenges.


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Hear from our happy clients

After our Consultation call, we were able to easily discover what our organisation lacked. They had created an ambitious yet reasonable strategy for how we could escape the endless rut. I will strongly recommend for HBR Business Solutions

Kimel Young CEO

They have provided us with an ideal strategy for running our little business. By utilizing inventive strategies to obtain leverage in difficult litigation issues and by conducting corporate investigations. I sincerely believe HBR Solutions...

H. James Business Owner

They've provided us with a comprehensive Small Business Plan. HBR Business Solutions employs the brightest brains in the fields of business consulting and corporate intelligence, whose experience includes an in-depth understanding of different business areas.

Anna Rodriguez Business Expert

    Best Consulting and private corporate intelligence Company for your Business.

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